A chance for change

The White Horse at Uffington
vote green 2021
Clean environment
Sustainable economy
Better connectivity
Healthy communities
Zero carbon
Funded services

Why Vote Green?

  • Save our natural spaces Greens will protect and regenerate Oxfordshire’s nature, clean up our countryside, and oppose plans to destroy our green belt.
  • Connect communities Reduce congestion and pollution, invest in sustainable and local public transport, provide safer cycling and walking paths, and fix existing roads.
  • Invest in our society Fund schools and educational support, improve pay and services in social care, reconnect isolated communities.
  • Warm & affordable homes Make it easier to switch to clean energy sources, get paid to produce electricity, and save money.
  • Create sustainable jobs Greens will help create local jobs and attract green sector investment across Oxfordshire to protect livelihoods and the planet.
  • Tackle climate change Our position is clear. Greens are committed to tackling the climate and ecological crisis at a local, national and global level.